Monday, February 22, 2016

Twitter WINS! (in my best Mortal Kombat Steve Ritchie voice)

I think I want to start blogging again. It was a bit therapeutic and I could use some more therapy. I am really not sure how I stopped blogging. It is one of those things. Like how you grow apart from a friend.

I am not a fan of facebook. I have been against it for a long time. Only lately have I done much of anything with it. I still tell people that I don't do facebook. And I don't. I don't want anyone contacting me there and getting mad because I didn't respond. And I don't really want to see what people are eating for lunch. I don't want to play games there either although I can see the appeal.

I have begun to understand a good that facebook can be. It is a good place to learn about and catch up with those that you don't see very much. It helps you "stay in touch" without actuall having to talk to the them. "Oh look honey, the Jones' son is now in high school". "When did that happen?". I believe, that is what it is good for.

I have decided that Twitter is better than facebook. For me.

Facebook is about friends and family. Twitter is about followers. Which would you rather have? Followers is the path to world domination. Friends and family are only a path to laughing and happiness. Who has time for friends and family anyway?!

But followers, now that I can get into. When you have followers you can do all kinds of things:

  • Start a militia  (Militia is a cool word because it has 7 letters including 3 'I's)
  • Form a cult
  • Start a ponzi scheme 

I think it would be fun to challenge other people and their team of followers in a game of whirlyball.

So I beg you, follow me to victory! (on twitter)