Sunday, May 18, 2008

The great "Wheel of Fortune" conspiracy!

Recently I went to Florida to see my dad. On some levels it was a fruitful trip. I learned lots of things about lots of things; this was one of the lighter ones:

Soon after I arrived I learned that he had no TV service. The story goes my dad got in an argument on the phone over his Comcast bill. At some point during the discussion he said something like "Why don't you just take it out of here then?" and they did just that.

So I went to Best Buy and bought dad a pair of rabbit ears. If you are younger than 35 rabbit ears are TV antennas you attach to your television set so you can watch normal broadcast channels. I hooked it up and did the whole rabbit-ear dance. In the end I was only able to get a couple not-too-fuzzy channels and 3 just-a-little-fuzzy channels.

Later that day I asked Dad why he was watching Wheel of Fortune? He replied "Its what is on". That's when it occurred to me. I think there is a wheel of fortune conspiracy going on. Somehow the makers of Wheel of Fortune are electronicly interferring with broadcast tv in certain areas of the country. They are eleiminating the channels with really interesting content.

I think pepole have not noticed this conspiracy because they equate rabbit ears with old technology and it just makes sense that something old doesnt work very well. So people just live with it and pick from the best of the fuzzy channels.

But these were no cheap rabbit ears. They plugged into an outlet and had "gain"! There should have been serveral clean clear channels!

Think about it; when the show first comes on it goes "WHEEL", "OF", "FORTUNE" nice and slow brainwashing the elderly.

Is Wheel of Fortune really popular or is it "just whats on"?